Sunday, August 5, 2012

Random #1

in this middle of super hot day, i'm just gettin bored. so i just wanna post something here randomly. this is one of my fav song. i like some parts of the lyric because it's so damn true....

Tell me, are you feeling strong? 
strong enough to love someone!
and make it through the hardest storm and bad weather
Will you pull me from the flames?
hold me till i feel no pain
and give me shelter from the rain forever

i think, it just simply wanna say that loving somebody needs responsibility. you have to push yourself for doing efforts to care, to share, to protect, to understand them so your 'lovely one' feels safe, secure and joyful. so, before saying i love you to someone, pls just think : are you ready to takes whatever it comes? are you ready to accept all the consequences by loving her/him? pls mean it and prove it, not only say it! because saying is cheap, but mean it...? you really have to do super extra effort.

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