Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fav Song Quotes

"I need another story, something to get off my chest. My life's kinda boring.." Secrets-One Republic

"Tell me are you feelin strong, strong enough to love someone and make it through the hardest storm and bad weather..." Shine a Light-McFly

"L-O-V-E is just another word i never learn to pronounce" Starstruck-3OH!3

"I think i maybe i can't hav relationships, coz lately they're not makin any sense...." Double Vision-3OH!3

"you're like an indian summer in the middle of winter, like a hard candy with a surprise center..." Thinking of You-Katy Perry

"..but don't be naive, even heroes have the right to's not easy to be me" Superman-Five for Fightin

"...please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waitin on you" Enchanted-Taylor Swift/Adam Young

"I love you with a fire red, now it's turning blue..." Apologize-One Republic

"I'm beautiful my way cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on a right track,baby i was born this way" Born This Way-Lady Gaga

"So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right way.." Raise Your Glass-Pink

"..He's the air i would kill to breathe....." Breathe again-Sara Bareilles

"My Life's monochrome, without the light..just like a silver screen you walked into my life" Technicolor-Paloma Faith

"I don't know you, but I want you..all the more for that" Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard&Marketa Irglova

"Seasons are changing and waves are crashing and stras are fallin all for us. Days grow longer and nites grow shorter, I can show you I'll be the one" Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

"Hello there, the angel from my nightmare..." I miss you-blink 182

"You can sit beside me when the world comes down" Monalisa-The all american rejects

"Snow white told me when i was young one day my prince will come, so i wait for the day..... If it's not like the movie, Then how it should be?cinematic and dramatic with a perfect ending.." Not like the movie - Katy perry

" get out get out get out of my head.." One thing-One direction

"You don't know You're beautiful, and that's what makes you beautiful" what makes you beautiful-One direction

" tell me darling do you wish we'd fallin love? // all the time, all the time.." Saltwater room-Owlcity

"It started out as a feeling which then grew into a hopes, which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turn into a quiet words.." The call-Regina Spektor

"..I'm not broken,I'm just a broken hearted man.." The man who can be moved-The Script

"You wait for rain and I chase the stars, we just don't see it the same way.." You Wait for Rain - Kyler England

"Watching you is the only drug i need.." Soul sister-Train

"When I think of love, I just think of you.." Think of Love-Raisin Black Hole

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